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A City should not be judged by the number of millionaires dwelling in the city limits, but by how the cities weakest and most vulnerable are treated.

Durham is booming. It’s the beginning of a Golden Age. Businesses are flocking in in droves. Developers are changing the skyline. While all of this momentum is exciting, it is not a “Golden” situation for all. This city has inequity at every turn. We must ensure, for this city to fulfill its potential, that every resident is valued, is cared for, and is thought of in every decision made. Durham must be a City for All.

Our city has a person shot every other day. We have children that go to bed hungry. We have hardworking people who are unable to make ends meet. Lifelong residents are being pushed out of their homes due to skyrocketing housing costs. This is not the definition of a “City for All”. We must ensure that as we grow, we do not allow growth to push our residents out.

I’m here to bring those challenges Durhamites face daily to the forefront. To help find out how their challenges impact them, their families, and our community as a whole. I want to help paint a vision of a Durham for All with ALL of our Citizens, regardless of age, gender, affiliation, color, creed, who they love, what they worship, handicaps or the number of dollars in their pocket. I want to use that Vision to create solutions WITH the citizens of Durham.

As the father of two young daughters. who have made Durham  HOME. I want to make this a city one where my children, and every child that calls Durham home, one they can be proud of, and feel that they belong. Very simply there is not just one challenge facing Durham, but I promise to our voters I want to help make this a City for All.

Robb Fluet is a candidate for Durham City Council from Ward 2. Please share, comment, and remember to like the campaign's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fluetfordurham. Check out our campaign website at www.robbfluet.org
Robb Fluet- Candidate for Durham Ward 2

Robb Fluet- Candidate for Durham Ward 2




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