Fluet for Durham
Ward 2 Candidate for City Council

About Robb

Robb Fluet                     City Council 2017

About Robb

Born in the small town of Greenfield Massachusetts, Robb moved to North Carolina in 2009. Originally trained as a teacher after graduating from the University of Massachusetts in 2007, Robb moved in to the world of business development and marketing in 2010. The proud father of two young daughters Reagan (9) and Elliotte (Infant) and lucky husband of Katie Hayes, JD, currently an Attorney at Research Triangle Institute. 

Public service has always been a passion of Robb's. Being on the edge of the millenial generation he values inclusion, data analysis, and respecting people's different values.  

When not working for his community, Robb enjoys playing with his daughters, coaching in the Durham Girls Soccer League, exploring his adopted home state of North Carolina (from coast to mountains) and tasting the wonderful craft brews of the Tar Heel State.