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Robert Fluet, of Spacious Skies Lane, Durham is pleased to announce his candidacy for Ward 2 Councilor.

Running for City Council as a political unknown may be a risk, but sitting on the sidelines during this time of political unrest may be an even larger risk. I'm running for a simple reason; I want my daughters, Ellie and Reagan, to live in a city, a state and in a country they can be proud of.

Durham’s children need somewhere they can thrive, and grow. Somewhere where they can be valued regardless of gender. I want them to live in a place where they will be guaranteed access to education and healthcare. I want them to live in a place where they can love whoever they want, regardless of gender, race or any other factor. A place where safety isn’t a question.

I was born and raised in a blue collar family; by parents who instilled the simple values of hard work, empathy, and the Golden Rule inside me and my siblings. I'm lucky enough to be married to a strong minded, beautiful and inspiring woman, who challenges me to be a better man every day. I was born in a small town; a small town that is currently in the grips of the methadone epidemic that is gripping so many small towns across this great nation. I went to a small public high school, I was lucky enough to attend a fine public university. I now work at a small business where I am proud of the work I do daily.  I am the Average American.

So why should Durham allow me, a self proclaimed "Average American" to represent them? Simply because, I am who I say I am. I want to work for the people of this city. Every person; regardless of race, creed, gender, orientation or the amount of dollars in their bank account.  I am the Average American, I want to hear from each and every one of you.

My Goals for Durham are to continue the downtown revitalization to ensure our cultural evolution, drive new business growth that provide a living wage for the people of Durham, increase the transparency of the city government including the police department, and finally ensure that Durham is a place that all of our children can be proud to call home. To learn more about Robb and the Campaign, please visit www.robbfluet.org.

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