Fluet for Durham
Ward 2 Candidate for City Council

The Issues

Where Fluet Stands

Durham is Bleeding- Violence and Public Safety

We have an epidemic of violent crime in Durham. In 2014 our city had 22 Murders occur. In 2015 there were 42 murders, and 44 in 2016. This continued pattern of growth in violent crime is a danger for our residents, and a detriment to bringing in new business as well as new residents.


While we all agree that there are multiple causes of violent crime, from poverty to little access to quality education, easy access to firearms, and a lack of quality role models, our city is bleeding.


Our solutions will have to be measured, but real. I will propose a more community driven police force. I will push for a police force that is accessible, transparent, and most importantly trained in De-Escalation. The City of Durham has had police involved shootings in each of the last ten years of data.

Fear does not equal respect. A city to look at is Salt Lake City, Utah. That city has trained their officers in de-escalation, and in turn have had 0 officer involved shootings since 2014.


I’ll propose a bonus for officers who choose to live inside city limits.


I’ll propose a monthly no questions asked gun exchange. I’ll reach out to corporate sponsors and attempt to make a reward for an exchange.


I’ll lobby the state government for stronger gun control, and more money for the training of the officers of our city in initiatives such as de-escalation as well as gang related education.


I will, with your help, stop the bleeding in this city I call home.

Robert Fluet