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Ward 2 Candidate for City Council

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Who is this guy? Is he qualified?

I've had some questions about who I am, and what my qualifications are. 

As I've shared before, I am a political rookie. You all don't know me from anyone else. 

I've had two career paths- I've been an educator, and I am a business builder. 

As an educator I learned skills such as weighing different sides of an issue, reviewing data, and finding the truth that answers the questions at hand. I honed my skills of breaking down complex theories or ideas in to simple concise and easily digestible nuggets. 

In my current life as a business builder, I work with firms to create visions, hunt for solutions, and plan implementation strategies. 

Combining both of those skills here is why I am qualified. 

1. I will study the issues, I will gather the data, and each and every decision that I make will be presented to the constituents with a follow up and reason I voted a certain way. 

2. By creating visions, goals, and strategies my decisions will not just be focused on the present, but also the future of Durham. 

3. I am a lifetime learner, and balanced in decision making. I want to hear from the constituents. I will reach out to resources available to me to make the right decision for the Durham People. I want to be held accountable to the voters of Durham. 


That's Robb, in a nutshell. 




Robert Fluet