Fluet for Durham
Ward 2 Candidate for City Council

The Issues

Where Fluet Stands

Education- Leveraging our Neighbors

One of the most crucial ways to pull up the Durham community is to strengthen our public education. 

We have Durham Technical right here in the Bull City. We need to push the outreach of that institution. I understand that college is not for everyone. I have two siblings that made that choice, and they are happy, well employed members of society, but they received quality training at a Community College. As a City Councilor, I will promise to create a fund to help retrain our resident who have lost their jobs to the evolution of the market.  I will propose  “school to work” and apprenticeship programs.

We live in the shadow of some of the best Research institutions in the world. We are the home of Duke University, as well as North Carolina Central, and a stone’s throw from both the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill and NC State. Our priority, as a city needs to be to ensure that our children have a fair shake at the institution of their choice. I want to improve the schools.

I’ll sit and write the grants myself if necessary to further connect our public schools to the companies and research institutions we proudly house in our limit.  I will propose  “school to work” and apprenticeship programs. I will help foster a bridge to further knit our community together.

Robert Fluet