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Civil Rights

Civil Rights



Name one issue in Durham that directly impacts, or is directly impacted by, race inequity and how can the city incorporate a race equity framework in addressing this issue? Please limit your answer to 400 words.


There is not just one issue that directly impacts or is not directly impacted by race inequality.


Every Issue Is.  


Education, employment, housing, all of those are affected by race inequality, But the most pressing challenge is crime and the police.


I’m well aware that I was born as a white male,  and I was born into white privilege. That means, according to a study by RTI International, I’m less likely to be pulled over by Durham Police in the daylight. That is absurd. We must remove the color view of our Durham Police Officers. We must ensure that EVERY SINGLE PERSON is treated EQUALLY by our police officers. We must put them through trainings that focus on the behaviors of a criminal, not one that is based on racial stereotypes. We must review the data, review the analytics to ensure that the training is working. We must get our officers out of their cars, they must foster relationships with the people of color in Durham that is not just a job requirement, but something they believe that in their heart, is the right thing to do.




 If the city could adopt an ordinance concerning the civil rights of members of the LGBTQ community, what provisions should that ordinance contain?



The city should adopt an ordinance supporting the civil rights of every single person.


Every single person deserves respect, protections and to be treated equally. Regardless of who they love, how they identify, the color of their skin, what they worship, their handicaps, their age, their income, national origin, gender, or gender-fluid status, familial status, or veteran status.


We are all in this community together, and we must treat each other with respect and love. We all (should have) learned in Kindergarten that we should treat others the way we want to be treated. Let’s all start with that Golden Rule, and never deviate from it.


Robert Fluet