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Ward 2 Candidate for City Council

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Investing in Durham's Future- A Living Wage and Economic Growth

Living Wage and Economic Growth


Groups such as Durham Living Wage is a great start for creating a fair and equitable relationship between employees and companies working for the people of Durham. My proposal is to become a city where we not only request companies foster a sense of community involvement, but create incentives do just that. Creating tax breaks for companies that sign a pledge to a living wage, will help drive businesses to Durham, but also create the type of jobs that our people in Durham need.

Other Candidates for this office have rallied behind a $15/hour minimum wage. As beneficial as it would be, a local change to the minimum wage is prohibited by the State Legislature. My proposal, would be to  first create a local tax incentive for employers to increase the wage.As a pilot program, we can the prove that a higher wage brings more  employers, and is a benefit for the workers, we can then rally the State to raise minimum wage.

As a candidate I will always present a plan to go with a wish. I'll always ensure my constituents will not only know how I vote, but the reasons why with the data that supports my opinion. 


Robert Fluet