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Press Release on Durham Peaceful Protests

Press Release-

Regarding Peaceful Protests in Durham


Durham, I am proud to call you my home. The banding together against racism that we've seen in the past 48 hours is inspiring.


We've had people of all creeds, races, genders, gender identities, affiliations come together to show that we are Durham and we believe that progress starts with equality for all.


When I started this campaign I promised to continue to build a Durham that all of our children can be proud of. I made a promise to help build a Durham for All. After these past few nights, there has never been a time that Durham needed that more.



I'm here to listen to your challenges, listen to what problems are keeping you up at night. I may ask you how that impacts you, your family, or the entire city. Together we will build a Vision of a Stronger, more United Durham, and TOGETHER create a plan to implement that Vision.


I am here because those are my skills, and public service is my devotion. I am promising to be an advocate for all of Durham, to be transparent, and to fight for each and every one of you.


My opponents are plentiful. Some have their own flock they shepherd that may receive the lion's share of their attention. Some have wonderful ideas and dreams but lack the experience in building from a vision to a solution. I applaud all of my opponents, however I am THE Candidate that is running on a campaign of Listening, Vision Building, and Implementing Positive Change.


In closing, let's applaud our Durham Police Officers, our Sheriffs, our City and County Leaders for their support of the righteous cause. In the next few days we will face a backlash from the alt-right, from those who don't value the rights of every individual. While I applaud the sentiment, and agree with the cause, we must use our voices, and not our actions in future demonstrations, to prove to those who question our motives that we can and will not just be heard, but will change the rule of the land.


Let's show them all who Durham is Progressive, Visionary, Leaders.

Robert Fluet